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Healing Process After Laser Tattoo Removal

Following your laser tattoo removal procedure, it’s normal to experience redness, swelling, mild blistering, itching, and raised areas. Initially, your skin will be sensitive and tender, but these reactions typically subside within two weeks.

The treated area may remain red, puffy, and itchy for about a week following removal. Many clients report minimal disruption to their daily activities post-procedure, despite the visible effects of the laser treatment.
Immediately after laser removal, the tattooed skin may appear “frosted,” resembling a powdery texture, due to the release of carbon dioxide. This reaction usually lasts up to an hour, but if it persists, it’s advisable to contact your specialist.

In the days following treatment, the appearance of the treated area may change as your body continues to adapt to the laser therapy. While common, it’s important to discuss any concerns with your laser technician to ensure peace of mind.

Throughout the first week after treatment, your body will gradually eliminate and metabolize the ink, initiating the healing process. Consequently, redness and swelling may persist, which is entirely normal during this phase of tattoo removal.

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