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Reset Room has now moved to the City

Siggy rules, she did a great job lasering my wrist. She has an awesome bedside manner and I totally felt in safe hands.

Morgan, Canada

Siggy was great and extremely professional and precise.

Michael G

Wayne is the most professional and skilled technician in the UK today.

John, Aberdeen

Absolutely brilliant and surprised how much of the aftercare I was given which was a plus.

IJ, London

I found the laser treatment itself to be extremely effective after just a couple of sessions my old tattoo has faded considerably

Deni, London

Having been lasered before in another studio, the difference in results is not comparable.

KR, London

I couldn’t be happier, and wholeheartedly recommend Wayne if you’re planning to get Picosure in the London area‚Ķ


Excellent and very knowledgable, puts you at ease in great central location


For anyone who lives in England you must see Wayne…he is by far the best at this…


Reset Room welcomes all feedback. If you’ve been treated by us and would like to contribute please email [email protected] including your name and relevant details.